Our Team


Through his expansive network, Foursight founder Mike Gianfrancesco has established a core team of four like minded and talented individuals able to provide valuable, creative and cost effective solutions to help sustain the small business and nonprofit sectors in areas that go beyond marketing.

Bringing a diverse knowledge base from both the profit and nonprofit sectors, Team Foursight offers the perspectives and social networking know-how of the Gen-X & Y-ers, insights, values and work ethic of "Boomers" and working moms and even draw on those engaged in the more advanced stages of life learning and knowledge gathering (aka the over 60 crowd). This is how Team Foursight is able to identify, assess and improve upon areas of your business that are posing challenges to fulfilling your mission.

Michael Gianfrancesco

Owner, Founder
Foursight marketing communications group, inc.

With 45 years of diverse business experience, Mike G., as he is better known, brings a wealth of knowledge and insights necessary to getting the job done and done right.


Martha D. Langer

Owner, Graphic Designer
pear ink design, inc.

As a freelance designer, Martha has been designing and collaborating with talented others for over seven years.

Kelly M. Brennan

Communications & Development Manager
AIDS Care Ocean State

Young but accomplished for her age, Kelly already has more than five years experience in the nonprofit world.

Top Quotation Mark Mike G. is a man of his word. If he says something is going to get done... consider it done. He takes personal interest in our projects & goes above & beyond. Bottom Quotation Mark
- Dir of Marketing & Ext. Relations
U.R.I. Prov. Feinstein Campus